martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

About FDE

Foro de Escritores is a Chilean literary project founded in Santiago by the the end of 2003 as a deliberate replica of the Writers Forum founded in the 1950s by the late poet and artist Bob Cobbing in England, which has run up to the present day.

The aim is to offer a free space of work; a workshop open to gather poets and artists with different perspectives but who have in common an interest in experimentation with the word and voice.

It is so called experimental in the sense that it intends to favour tolerance and exploration. Nobody here imposes what is worth or worthless. The workshops welcome all those who share these interests and work, with respect, with that attitude in view regarding art and other artists.

It is not a collective or an institution. There are no authorities or manifestos. The Foro's has life because it constantly changes, oscillates, emerges and decays. Its character, merits and defects are those of whom attend its sessions.

A little press has published some of the works shown in the workshops. The Colección Foro de Escritores has reached a dozen of titles so far.

This blog intends to bring FDE's sessions to the web.

For news and updates: Fde Foro de Escritores


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